The practice is open to patients who wish to enquire about registration or those that have an appointment.

Should you have other queries and are able to please do contact us by phone or email:

01954 282 153 Or admin.mmp@nhs.net

Practice Nurse and phlebotomy appointments will be face to face

GP & Nurse Practitioner appointments are initially a telephone consultation and if it is deemed more appropriate they will be converted into a video consultation or face to face depending on the issues being presented, however the decision is between the patient and the clinician.

Our GPs have trained the receptionists to ask appropriate questions regarding the reason for the appointment in order for enquiries to be dealt with by the most appropriate clinician and within an appropriate timeframe.


Help us to help you


GP surgeries across the country are under enormous stress, with the whole NHS currently experiencing some of the most severe pressures in its 70 year history.

We have remained open throughout the pandemic, whilst managing staff isolation, shielding, huge changes to the way we work, including technology, infrastructure and practice process, all alongside delivering our own part of the COVID vaccination program and continuing to offer a primary care service.

Whilst we have dedicated staff, the impact has resulted in staff working longer hours, being exhausted, stressed and sadly some have chosen to leave the profession. Recruiting replacements is not easy as all GP surgeries are in the same position.

Our appointment availability is based on the number of staff we have on the day, and whilst we have identified ideal staffing levels, which in turn provide us with clinical cover to meet demand, we are not always able to sustain the level we would want.

In order for us to be able to deliver safe care in the community, we ask that you use the right service for the issue you have.

We have an on line triage system Dr Link, which signposts patients to the most appropriate place for the issue they have, such as local pharmacies, or self-care, however it will highlight when a GP appointment is required and within what timeframe.

We ask our receptionist to establish as much information as possible when the appointment is booked, which allows safe effective decisions to be taken regarding which clinician is most appropriate for the appointment to be booked with.

We also have the availability of our extended and out of hours service dedicated to MMP patients, which are delivered by our Cambridge GP federation as an extension to MMP. These are often at a more convenient time, later in the evening or at weekends.

Please do not ask to be seen as an emergency or urgent case unless you have a genuine medical need, as this prevents us from dealing with those that really do.

Finally we are here to help and all staff are committed to helping our patients and are doing their best under very difficult circumstances. We ask that you treat our staff with respect and politeness at all times as we will do to you.

We will continue to adapt processes within the practice ensuring we capture what changes have been made for the better of the patients, and which ones need to be reviewed.

We thank you for your patience and understanding

Dr Cowee & Dr Siriwardena

GP Partners

General Practice Data for Planning and Research: NHS Digital Transparency Notice

Opt out by 23rd June if you want to prevent your personal GP data being shared for purposes other than your health care. Follow link and scroll down for Type 1 Opt out form. Complete and return to MMP by either popping it in our post box, or emailing it to admin.mmp@nhs.net by 23rd June.


Hayfever Top Tips

 ith the hay fever season fast approaching I would like to provide you with the following top ten tips to help:

  1. Reduce sneezing and a runny nose, put a little Vaseline around your nostrils can help trap pollen and reduce your symptoms. Steroid nasal sprays available over the counter help too.
  2. Reduce itchy eyes, by wearing sunglasses (especially wrap around ones) or regular glasses to act as a physical barrier and reduce the pollen getting to your eyes. Sodium cromoglycate eye drops available over the counter or prescription only antihistamine eye drops can help.
  3. If you have multiple symptoms, oral anti-histamines (tablets or liquid medicine) taken daily regardless of the weather can help. Pollen counts can be high on dull days too. These medications are available over the counter or on prescription.
  4. Washing your hair before bedtime or wearing a hat when outside helps reduce the amount of pollen you have in your hair.
  5. In a similar way to reduce pollen on clothes and bedding, put clothes worn during the day in the laundry bin and do not sit on the bed in clothes you have been wearing outside as the pollen can be transferred to your bed. If you use a clothes line, make sure the clothes are brought in before evening as the pollen starts to fall back to earth.
  6. Close your windows in the early evening when the air is cooling and the pollen released during the day is beginning to fall back to earth.
  7. There are some really interesting air purifiers which can be used anywhere in the house. Some cars have filters which are able to prevent pollen particles entering the car. If your car has air conditioning, keep your windows closed in the evenings or in areas with high air pollution as the combination of air pollution and high pollen counts is particularly bad for hay fever.
  8. Some plants release more pollen than others so consider this when choosing what to put in your garden or indoors. I have read that hedges can absorb pollutants.
  9. If you have exams or a special day coming up over the summer plan ahead and make sure any antihistamines you take are less likely to make you drowsy.
  10. There is a lot that can be done to minimise the impact of hay fever so that you can enjoy this time of year. If you are aware of when your symptoms are worst you can act before your symptoms are triggered to minimise the impact they have.

I hope these tips help you to enjoy the outdoors this summer. If you have any tips to minimise the impact of hay fever that you which you would like to share, please let me know at admin.mmp@nhs.net

Best wishes,  Ruwani Siriwardena, Monkfield Medical Practice

Monitor the pollen levels here: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/warnings-and-advice/seasonal-advice/pollen-forecast#?date=2021-06-14


Monkfield Medical Practice would like to invite you to join DoctorLink.

DoctorLink is our new online service where you can access advice and appointments on line.

Registration is simple and you can register here:


For appointments, we ask that you undertake a symptom assessment through DoctorLink.

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