Monkfield Medical Practice Research

We are a Royal College of GPs and National Institutes for Health Research approved research active practice. We are excited to offer our community the chance to get involved in research to allow access to cutting edge healthcare, and to help push the frontiers of medicine. Our research is led by GP Partner and academic, Dr Rakesh Modi, and administrated by Mrs Katie Bartlett. We will contact some of you about these studies but please read about the opportunities and if you have any questions, please contact Katie:



Research Opportunity

Make a difference, by helping to improve treatments and quality of life, now and for future generations. Participants required!

Measure your blood pressure and heart rate during daily activities to assess your autonomic function. You must NOT have Long Covid and must NOT have any pre-existing health problems with autonomic dysfunction.

Contact to participate.

Active Brains

The study team has developed a new website called ‘Active Brains’ which aims to help older adults (60-85 years) look after their brain and body health to help prevent cognitive decline. The website will help older adults to make simple changes such as getting more active, playing brain training games and finding ways to eat more healthily.

The primary aim of this study is to assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the Active Brains digital intervention to help support older adults with and without cognitive impairment in making healthy changes to maintain cognitive function and prevent cognitive decline. Participants will be randomised to one of 3 arms: 1) Usual care, 2) website access, 3)website access and brief support from a trained person.


More information about The Active Brains Study can be found here